Psalm 60 – Desperate Times

Psalm 60 – Desperate Times  This is an unusual “save me” psalm, because the crisis facing the people of God and provoking the psalm is the absence of God. With the blows of a sledgehammer the psalmist pounds out his depressing and unequivocal message. God has spurned them and broken them. God has unleashed his anger against them.

Psalm 59 – Howling Dogs

Psalm 59 – Howling Dogs  The psalmist paints a frightful picture: enemies attacking, evildoers out for blood, assassins lying in wait like a pack of hungry dogs, and a constant barrage of violent threats. To all of this he gives the Lord’s response: “But you laugh at them, Lord; you scoff at all those nations.” By faith, the psalmist takes on the perspective of his God.