Psalm 14 – Nabal’s Psalm

Psalm 14 – Nabal’s Psalm The back story for this wisdom psalm is Nabal a man who was harsh and badly behaved (1 Samuel 25). Psalm 14 causes us to reflect on what it means to be a fool. The apostle Paul thought we were all guilty of playing the part of the fool, and to prove the point he quoted from Psalm 14 in Romans 3. But the psalm ends on a high note, highlighting Salvation and Zion.

Psalm 13 – How Long?

Psalm 13 – How Long? We may not be feeling today what the psalmist felt, but we pray this psalm in solidarity with those who do. Out situation may be vastly different from the psalmist, but invariably within the Body of Christ someone is crying out, “How long, Lord, how long?”

Psalm 12 – War of Words

Psalm 12 – War of Words  Speech has become the weapon of choice in a daily assault on hearts and minds, pummeling the nation’s soul. And the most dangerous speech act is not what you think. It is not the bombastic rhetoric of the braggart or the in-your-face raunchy pop-song lyrics or the gratuitous profanity that has infiltrated everyday speech or the bellicose political fact-twisting and spin-casting talk radio or the vulgarity that has become common place on social media.

David’s focus is on those who evade the truth with polite deception and easy to swallow lies.