Soundtrack of the Soul

Soundtrack of the Soul: the beatitudes of Jesus
[Clements 2009]

Nothing does a better job of capturing the essence of Jesus’ philosophy of life than the first eight verses of his Sermon on the Mount.  These eight lines, known as “the Beatitudes,” summarize what it means to follow Jesus.  They are the overture to Jesus’ gospel symphony, introducing his distinctive rhythms of grace.

Text Messaging

Text Messaging: A Conversation on Preaching [Clements 2009]

When we hear the phrase text messaging, we think of data processing: the speedy transmission of binary information over the Internet. This new form of communication replaces the slow art of weaving a narrative and telling a story. The relational power of speech and story is reduced to efficient sound bites of constant chatter.

As the speed of communications has increased so has our apparent impatience with the message itself. All of our efforts to systematize and package the Word, box-it-up for easy consumption, and domesticate it for our convenience, will meet with success. But it is the kind of success we neither need nor want.

Text Messaging: a conversation on preaching goes beyond identifying the conditions that make hearing the Gospel difficult and lays out ways in which we can embrace the scope of the whole counsel of God and discover strategies for text savvy preaching.


A Christmas Journey

A Christmas Journey: Filled with Wonder, Marked by the Cross
[Clements 2007]

The best way to experience Christmas is to let the reality of the first Christmas fill our hearts and minds.  We seek to focus on the truth of the Incarnation of God and celebrate the mystery and simplicity of that first Christ-centered Christmas.  We want to be led in worship by the shepherds and the magi the way they did it on that first Christmas Eve.

Under the Radar

Under the Radar: A Conversation on Spiritual Leadership [Regent 2007]

Leadership in the name of Jesus is different from any other kind of leadership in the world.  Jesus turns everything upside down, and inside out, and nothing comes out the same.  To serve Christ often means to fly under public recognition.  Working from the gospel of Luke, this book shows where our conceptions of leadership have gone wrong and what an authentic Christian leader looks like according to Scripture.

The Living Word

The Living Word: 10 Life-changing ways to experience the Bible
[Moody Press 2003]

When we ask the Lord to speak to us from the Bible, we are opening a dialogue with God that will bring both comfort and challenge to every area of our lives.  This book challenges the reader to internalize the Word of God.