The Sermon on the Mount in the Secular Age

Sermon on the Mount in the Secular Age

Matthew 5-7 has been my go-to-text for discipleship training. The Sermon is Jesus’ cross-cultural manifesto, relating the gospel of grace to all ethnicities, races, genders, locations, denominations, and social-economic classes.

The Sermon on the Mount is a gift that does justice to both the believer’s internal character development and external behavior, to the mission of the church and the need for missions, to the individual person and to the body-and-soul-in-community, and to the present as well as the future. I invite your interaction at

Three Truths and Three Warnings – Mark 8:27-38

Three Truths and Three Warnings

The disciples confessed that Jesus is the Messiah, but they did not understand what that meant and what the Messiah was about to suffer for our redemption. The horror of the lynching tree helps us to grasp the horror of the cross, even as the cross of Christ, in contrast to the lynching tree, stands for the power of redemption and the hope of the resurrection.


Psalm 149 – The Saints Victorious

Psalm 149 – The Saints Victorious  Psalm 149 picks up where Psalm 148 left off in praise to the Lord who “has raised up for his people a horn” (Ps 148:14). The psalmist develops the arc of salvation from creation to judgment. Psalm 149 celebrates the triumph of all those who have put their trust in God’s redemptive love.