Psalm 65 – Praise for all Seasons

Psalm 65 – Praise for all Seasons

We move from the existential crisis to exuberant praise. In this beautifully crafted psalm King David delights in the grand sweep of redemption and creation. God in Zion is present to all people, offering mercy and forgiveness, stilling the raging seas, calming the nations, filling every morning and evening with his wonders.

Psalm 64 – Terrorists

Psalm 64 – Terrorists  We have not learned from the psalmist how to talk about evil. We neglect the Psalms because we cannot bring outselves to pray the way David prayed. The Psalms sound like a foreign language emanating from a violent age that has no relationship to our own, but night after night we witness the carnage of terrorist attacks and bombings. We track the opioid addiction crisis, teenage suicides, and the inner city murder rate. We are surrounded by violence, but instead of facing the menace of evil in worship we edit the Psalms of enemy talk.

Psalm 62 – Devotion on the other side of Desperation

Psalm 62 – Devotion on the other side of Desperation There is a shift of emphasis in Psalm 61 away from exposing evil and yearning for deliverance to expressing heart-felt devotion to God and anticipating joy in God’s deliverance. The pressing need for salvation remains, but the heart and character of the worshiper is brought into focus. In the sequence of “save me” psalms from Psalm 51-64, Psalm 62 describes devotion to God and confidence in the Lord’s deliverance.