Psalm 90 – Teach Us To Number Our Days

Psalm 90 – Teach Us To Number Our Days  Psalm 90 begins with a strong affirmation of an enduring and abiding relationship: “Lord, you have been our dwelling place throughout all generations.” Everything that follows in the psalm flows from this covenant relationship. This conviction grounds the discussion on the frailty, brevity, and depravity of humanity and inspires the believer’s sincere search for wisdom.

Psalm 41 – The Passion of the Lord

Psalm 41 – The Passion of the Lord   We knew from the beginning that the principle subject of the Psalms is the Anointed One. If the Son of David had not come we would naturally limit our study to the historical-grammatical and literary nature of the psalms. But Jesus has come and his prayer book is our prayer book. We pray all the psalms with the voice of Christ singing and praying the psalms to us and in us.

Psalm 88 The Death Prayer

Psalm 88 – The Death Prayer  Psalm 88 may be the saddest prayer in the psalter because no one wants to ever have to pray this prayer. Death and dying are tough subjects under any circumstances, but the conditions described in this psalm are the worst imaginable. The psalmist has hit bottom in every way.

Psalm 40 – Deliverance

Psalm 40 – Deliverance in Christ The sequence of Good Friday Psalms continues. Each psalm (Psalms 34-41) demonstrates in a particular way our inability to save ourselves, followed by a prefiguration of God’s redemptive provision in Christ. The message is clear. We need a deliverer, whose silence and speech, forgiveness and faithfulness, suffering and sacrifice, are sufficient to save.