Psalm 146 – Life Framed by Hallelujahs

Psalm 146 – Hope in God  For New Testament believers this concluding set of psalms challenges the life we live between the Hallelujahs. Do we share the psalmist’s life-long passion for public praise? Is our holistic trust in God alone or are we trying to manage divided loyalties? Does the Lord’s commitment to the oppressed, the hungry, the prisoner, the blind, the bowed down, the foreigner, the orphan, and the widow reflect the mission of the gospel in our lives? Life in the middle, between the Hallelujahs, focuses our attention on the God of Jacob, who continues to transform self-centered strivers into “salf and light” disciples.

Psalm 118 – Hallelujah! Hosanna!

Psalm 118 – Hallelujah! Hosanna!  Psalm 118 concludes the Hallel Psalms with a communal song of joyful thanksgiving. It celebrates the steadfast love of the Lord and leads the company of the redeemed in a festal procession up to the altar. The psalmist drew on Moses, echoes the prophets, and inspired Jesus and the apostles.

Psalm 110 – Awaiting the King

Psalm 110 – Awaiting the King  Like a symphony orchestra building to a climax, the Psalter moves to this magnificent proclamation. The exaltation and triumph of the Messiah celebrated in Psalm 110 must be seen in the light of the experience of the cross.

This is not an easy psalm and my meditation on Psalm 110 requires an open Bible and the reader’s diligence. May the Lord bless your meditation on Psalm 110.