Psalm 47 – Our God Reigns

Psalm 47 – Our God Reigns  This praise song is an ascension psalm divided in two parallel stanzas with a single unified message. All the redemptive promises celebrated in Psalm 47, the universal rule of God, the inheritance pledged to Israel, and the pride of Jacob, find their fulfillment in Israel’s representative, Jesus Christ. The apostles echo the themes of the psalm in revelatory ways that clarify the means God chose to bring about his salvation.

Psalm 45 – Two Loves

Psalm 45 – The Royal Wedding  Psalm 45 pivots from heartache and hardship to the joyful celebration of a royal wedding. The juxtaposition of soul-churning lament and a soul-inspiring love song captures the extremes of life. The psalms move from the depths of persecution to the heights of the throne of God. True worshipers live in the reality of one and the hope and expectation of the other.

Psalm 93 – Yahweh Reigns!

Yahweh Reigns! 

It is difficult to imagine a person knowingly praying Psalm 93 without experiencing some dissonance with the prevailing scientific, social, and political idelogies that shape us. We are immersed in a culture that prides itself on nature alone, the freedom of the individual, and self-government. There is a clash between the popularly conceived American Dream and the Kingdom of God.