A Pastoral Response to American Politics

A Pastoral Response

The polarized American political scene in 2017 provides a unique challenge for Christians regardless of their political parties, affiliations, and ideologies, to re-examine a biblical perspective on politics. It is reasonable to conclude that living under the rule of Christ should impact the way Christians view politics and culture.

Upper Room Trilogy – John 13-17

The God Who Prays is a forty-day meditation on Jesus’ farewell prayers. This is our third and final meditative journey into Jesus’ discipleship  sermon. This study follows the The God Who Kneels (John 13) and The God Who Comforts (John 14 – 16:22). There is an escalating challenge in Jesus’ discipleship sermon. Each successive phase requires us to think deeper and prayer harder. There comes a time when we need to let go and move on from our old inquiries, doubts, and hesitancies. Like the disciples we need to shift out of training mode and move into mission. A move made possible only by the grace of Christ.