Psalm 60 – Desperate Times

Psalm 60 – Desperate Times  This is an unusual “save me” psalm, because the crisis facing the people of God and provoking the psalm is the absence of God. With the blows of a sledgehammer the psalmist pounds out his depressing and unequivocal message. God has spurned them and broken them. God has unleashed his anger against them.

Psalm 59 – Howling Dogs

Psalm 59 – Howling Dogs  The psalmist paints a frightful picture: enemies attacking, evildoers out for blood, assassins lying in wait like a pack of hungry dogs, and a constant barrage of violent threats. To all of this he gives the Lord’s response: “But you laugh at them, Lord; you scoff at all those nations.” By faith, the psalmist takes on the perspective of his God.

Psalm 58 – Outrage

Psalm 58 – Outrage  The absence of Psalm 58 from the psalter, and psalms like it, would distort our spirituality. We are all sinners. We have all fallen short of the glory of God. Our hearts are desperately wicked. This is all true, most assuredly, but to relativize atrocities in the name of original sin is to minimize the horrendous consequences of social and systemic evil. It is not because we are sinless that we condemn sin; it is because we are forgiven sinners saved by grace that we raise an outcry against evil and injustice.