Unbelieving Believers

“But they did not believe the women, because their words seemed to them like nonsense.”  Luke 24:11

The encounter on the Emmaus road is a wonderful instance of spiritual formation Jesus’ style. The men were skeptical of the women’s testimony. Reports of an empty tomb and the statement given by two unidentified men that Jesus had risen from the dead made no sense to them. The disciples were in a state of unbelief. The need for truth frames this encounter (v.11 & 34). Spiritual formation is not an optional exercise of pious devotion, designed for those with an emotional proclivity for feeling their faith. It is the essential integration of core Christian beliefs in the total life of the disciple. Everything about the believer’s life, convictions, relationships, priorities, values, intentions, actions, hopes and expectations are formed in Christ. Spiritual formation is the process by which a passion for Christ shapes our identity, worship, witness, and worldview.

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