Wisdom’s Choice: A Life Picture

Proverbs has a  surprise ending. Instead of concluding the book of Proverbs with the sage advice of Solomon or a description of Israel’s king, it ends with the the ordinary life picture of a woman who is worthy of our emulation. Men, as well as women, can learn from Lady Wisdom, making it a good text for Father’s Day.

Placing Proverbs in the big picture of the biblical canon is important. The five Wisdom Books (Job, Psalms,Proverbs, Song of Songs, and Ecclesiastes ) form the center of the Bible and they belong in the New Testament as much as the Old. These five books are essential for scriptural formation. They remain as vital to the 21st century disciple of Jesus as they did to God’s people in Babylonian captivity. When seen as a unit with the Psalms at the center and two sets of polarities, Job and Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs, crisscrossing the center, we begin to understand their essential impact on life.

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