New Book: The Christ Letter

The Christ Letter: A Christological Approach to Preaching and Practicing Ephesians

[Cascade Books 2012]

The Christ Letter is a conversation partner for pastors and students of the Bible who want to wrestle with the meaning of the biblical text for Christian living today. Scholarly commentaries perform an essential task, but they often leave today’s believers on their own when it comes to making Paul’s letter come alive. Doug Webster weaves together deep biblical insights, penetrating cultural perspectives, and stories of transformation into a pastoral commentary that promises to release the powerful message of Ephesians. This commentary offers lines of thought, illustrations, and applications that carry the gospel into the present situation. Webster draws out the personal and practical impact of Paul’s spiritual direction for today. The Christ Letter gives pastors a fresh perspective and a better handle on how to preach Ephesians effectively. Webster inspires and guides faithful disciples in what it means to follow Jesus in a Christ-centered way.

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